We’ve worked with a variety of clients, from corporate to non-profit, fast-moving start-ups to multinational institutions. We’d love to talk with you to see if there’s a good fit. We have a particular interest in working with organizations pursuing a social good.

City Fresh

City Fresh, a project of The New Agrarian Center, is a non-profit Community Supported Agriculture group in north-east Ohio. Strand 1 began working with City Fresh on the design of KaleChips in 2014, and the system launched in 2015.

Work with City Fresh is ongoing.

Synchronoss Technologies

Synchronoss is a technlogy development and integration company. In addition to builidng their own products, they offer development and integration services to a wide variety of industies around the world, especially telecom providers.

Strand 1 provided supprot for Synchronoss' development and integration services, particularly on their Activations platform, from 2015 through 2020. Current work focuses on Solution Architecture for a pair of client projects. Past work has included database-driven reporting and opperational support.

Work with Synchronoss concluded when the two client projects Strand 1 was supporting ended.


Lift3D was a project to build computer-driven exercise and training systems. It used advanced motion sensing equipment to track exercise activity. The system would provide feedback on an exercise session, including counts of reps, sets, and form of the exercise, in order to give trainers better information to improve the effectiveness of their activity.

Strand 1 begain working with Lift3D in 2013, sortly after the initial product and business design, providing software development services. Work with Lift3D ended with their pivot to unrelated applicaitons in 2014.

Scriver LLC

Scriver was a startup aiming to provide an auction platoform and related financial tools to the then-new market for selling mobile apps.

Strand 1 worked with Scriver on building their prototype system, a web-based auction system, in 2013. Work with Scriver ended when their staff transitioned to other work later that year.


BingeNow is a multi-platform video delivery service. They accept both directly-sumitted user content and partner-provided content, and make that content available via the web, set top boxes, and legacy television networks.

Strand 1 provided IT support for BingeNow starting at its inception in 2008. This included technical work managing servers and software, as well as vendor management for upstream suppliers and co-location facilities. Additionally, Anthony Sorace individually provided development support for BingeNow. We helped get BingeNow through prototype stage into a succesful product launch, and worked with them to transition to the next stage of their IT needs. Strand 1’s involvement in BingeNow ended in 2011 with the conclusion of that transition.

Texas Instruments

The PET project was Texas Instruments' effort to build on the success of their handheld engineering calculators to develop a next-generation platform. Strand 1 provided software development support to TI on the PET project, helping it get to the stage of having several functional prototypes.

Work with TI ended in 2003 when they replaced their technology stack before shutting down the project.